How often should you change your duvet or pillows?

We believe duvets and pillows are like aging celebrities - once past their prime, they lose their sparkle.

That's why it's important to replace your duvet or pillows every 5-10 years. Over time both can lose loft, struggle with temperature regulation, and become a breeding ground for allergens and bacteria.

But fret not! We've got the remedy: regular washing and airing. It's like giving your duvet a refreshing spa day, extending its lifespan and bidding adieu to those unwanted sleep saboteurs. So treat your duvet and pillow like a superstar, ensuring you enjoy nights of snuggly bliss. Wake up refreshed and conquer the world, one dream at a time!

What tog rating should I use?

Ah, the great tog rating debate! When it comes to winter coziness, we've got the inside scoop. Ideally, a tog rating of 10.5-13.5 is the sweet spot for a toasty and oh-so-comfortable sleeping environment. But hey, we're all unique creatures, and personal preferences play a starring role here.

Picture this: you're tucked in with your favourite duvet, sipping a cup of cocoa, and watching snowflakes dance outside. A higher tog rating can be like adding an extra layer of snuggly magic, wrapping you up in a warm embrace that rivals a cozy log cabin. It's like getting a bear hug from a yeti—minus the cold feet!

However, let's not forget that climate also plays a role in this duvet drama. If you're living in a place where winter is more of a mild flirtation than a deep freeze, a lower tog rating might do the trick. You'll still have that cuddle-worthy comfort without risking an overheating situation. We're all about keeping things just right, like a perfectly toasted marshmallow.

So, when choosing the ideal tog rating, listen to your inner warmth warrior. Consider your personal preferences, embrace your local climate, and find that sweet spot where you can hibernate in dreamland, cocooned in the perfect level of snuggliness. After all, a good night's sleep is the ultimate winter adventure.